About Us


Hotterbox Ltd. was born out of my journey with cancer. My name is William and I have one kidney left following almost a decade battle with kidney cancer. Recovery was a lifestyle change finding healthy solutions to overcome new and existing obstacles. Smoke of any kind was no longer an option and I needed to get the most out of everything I purchased because my savings account wasn’t prepared for starting biological warfare with cancer. So as a professional researcher and engineer I set out to design a solution. Little did I know DynaVap, Ispire and Sticky Brick Labs had already done it. I learned about eddy currents and induction heating from research on cancer treatments and come to find out Ispire had adapted this super efficient and safe technology in their The Wand. Bravo to those innovative people and to show my appreciation and love for the lifestyle I thought I would share it with you. Replace the smoke with vapor and you have a healthier better “hotbox” you have a Hotterbox! 

Hotterbox Ltd.

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